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We are very experienced and skilled at our workmanship. We can repair the most intricate and treasured pieces, priceless heirlooms and watches.

We repair all watches and Clocks, no matter what age

Jewellery Repairs

We also offer a range of jewellery repair in some include but not limited to the following:-

  • Resizing
  • Cleaning
  • Soldering
  • chain and bracelet repair

A Watchmaker in Logan with more

As well as repairing your watches and clocks, we can also arrange a call out service to inspect and diagnose your beloved Grandfather or Grandmother clocks. 

About Us

Logan City Watchmakers has been in business for the last 17 years; Ed Buckley has fifty one years of experience in watch repairs, clock repairs & restorations. He started his apprenticeship in 1960 as a very young boy with the Harvey Brothers in Gosford NSW, since then he has worked his way up to opening his own business Logan City Watchmakers in 1994. Ed had passed his expertise on to his son Jason Buckley, where Jason started his apprenticeship with the watchful eye of his father in the shop during 1995. Jason has the same expert eye as Ed and is a perfectionist in his work when caring for your most precious time pieces. Jason has since taken over the business as Ed has retired, where he offers the precise same service that Logan City Watchmakers has offered since 1994.

Watch & Clock Repairs

Below are some services we offer:-


 We repair and service all types of antique, vintage and modern wrist and pocket watches. Our basic service, which we refer to as an over haul, includes the disassembly of movement, five step ultrasonic cleaning, reassembly of movement, oiling, testing, adjusting and quality control testing. This basic service also includes, case and bracelet cleaning, and adjustment of clasp. Optional case and bracelet refinishing is available.


We can replace all watch parts needed, including; hands, dial, crystals and internal parts. In most cases, when parts are unavailable, we can manufacture some parts and cut Perspex to fit.


 When requested, quotes are provided within 72 hours of receiving the repair. Quotes are also supplied when additional work is necessary, beyond your original request. As always, there is no charge for quotes.


 We warrant all of our work for twelve months.

The warranty is limited to the replacement of parts used, and the correction of the service or timing issues. It does not, of course cover parts not replaced or work we have not performed, damage to the crystal, case or bracelet. The warranty is null in void when there is evidence of damage, abuse, neglect or rust.


If you need a job back in your store or for a special occassion; we will always try to accommodate these special requests, but in the event of a delay, you will be notified